Los Angeles M Cars Exclusive

Interview with Chris Marino , the general sales manager at Century West BMW in Los Angeles CA.

Chris is responsible for some of the most impressive BMW builds out there, only exclusive to Century West. 

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1. How did you get started with BMW?: 

I was an enthusiast long before I worked for BMW.  I bought my first BMW in 1989 (1978 320i). I finally got around to joining the CCA in 1994…By then, I had traded the 320i for a 318i.  Around 2010, I decided to pursue my passion as a career and went to work for BMW.  They say if you ‘love what you do’ then you’ll never work a day in your life.  I’m now realizing this credo.

2. How do you come up with the very unique models (Jave Green & Laguna Seca M6, Dakkar Yellow M5 etc) ? 

Mainly, these are enthusiast colors that I’m constantly (in my mind) applying to various chassis and the moment I think I can get away with one of these applications working, I order it.  

3. What are the factors that determine what series and what do it to? 

The reality is that there isn’t a bad-looking BMW—I realize that this statement is subjective, but I truly have embraced BMW’s visual evolutions.  Consequently, I could probably get away with painting anything in (almost) any color.

4. What is your favorite M model? Current or all time ? 

Favorite color is 405 Imola Red.

5. What sets century west BMW apart from other BMW deal ships in town? 

The people who work here. We are nothing without them.  I also believe we are unique due to our proximity to Hollywood & The Studios.  We are surrounded by unique people who want distinguishable BMW’s.

6. In your opinion what sets apart BMW M from Audis RS and MB AMG cars ?  

BMW’s are cars that are engineered to be driven. First.  Other manufacturers seem to be anti-pragmatic in their approach to designing & engineering a car.  As a result, the product tends to be soul-less.  Other BMW competitors, in their desires to chase-down BMW, end up producing cars that are a design-waste and an engineering compromise—all the while hoping that marketing can fool the public into believing that their latest offering is visceral and optimized to compete against BMW.


Special Thanks to Chris Marino.

Pictures Courtesy of BMW BLOG

Los Angeles M Cars 2014